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Our focus is (but not limited to) on creating content in the outdoor segment. At ROOKIIS we do film, photography and livestream - and even podcasts.
All in-house, with the outdoors in mind. 

We love story telling, and connecting brands with adventurers, athletes and inspiring people. Why? - We love being in the outdoors. Combining story telling with brand activation is key to create real value. Lets team up to create the best for both worlds. 


The beginning of ROOKIIS

ROOKIIS was founded with storytelling in mind. A group of friends decided to push their limits in the mountains of Sweden. Wanting to document it, reaching out to various sponsors including a high end car brand and one of swedens biggest outdoor retailer the name was found - ROOKIIS. 



ROOKIIS was founded by Otto Blücker, who have worked in film and TV productions for over ten years all across the world, clients including; Disney, BBC, Sony, Carlsberg. He also have a background working in the music industry with various labels and artists, i.e Swedish House Mafia, Loreen among others. To know more about Otto please click the icon below.



ROOKIIS means being humble & curious. It is about being badass at what you do, still knowing there is always more to learn - Hey, we could not even spell rookie. There is always new things to explore, tech to use, ways to improve and to communicate. We are always on the outlook for new ways of telling YOUR story. 


What we can do for you?

We have a highly experienced team of professionals who have worked in; reality tv, branded content, music videos and documentaries. We will gladly work with you from the drawing table to finished product. Feel free to drop us an email for references. 

At ROOKIIS no project is to small nor big, we are based in Stockholm but have a broad network of freelance photographers that we work with. Always on the outlook for new gadgets we love to get creative with your idea.

We love being in the outdoors, but have worked with product photography and portraits for years. For portfolio and references feel free to contact us.

Trough our sister company bokalivestream.nu we offer you livestream services of any kind across Sweden with a wide array of solutions. We have the possibility to perform high end live-streaming in the most remote locations. 

We feel the need to adress this as this is a question we get a lot. The answer is, we don't know. What we DO know is that we can help you get to the finish line.




Our passion project - and a way for us to try out new tech - has become an outlet for great collaborations over the years.


A four part series about conquering Swedens highest mountain in the winter, standing on a pair of skis for the very first time.


Part two of four in the series we did together with Swedish brand "Wildchips" about  heading head first in to new adventures.


Part three of four about two friends wanting to push each other to new heights and explore new things in life.


Fourth and last part of the series about friends pushing themself to the top, together with a partnership closely connected to the wilderness.


Our second time in Sarek national park, together with Wildchips - a journey that took way longer, but gave us much more experience.


Supported by Wildchips we embarked on our first adventure in Sarek realizing the mountain always has the last word.




Our podcast where we dig in to subjects that interests us and look in to from a, wait for it, rookiis perspective.


Over the years we have been a part of productions including award winning documentaries, reality shows, branded content live shows, music videos, commercials and more. Below are some of our recurring clients.




Aerial photography, for UDSY/SVT

Gift Vid Första Ögonkastet

Aerial photography, for Baluba/SVT.

Vilket liv!

Establishing shots/intro, for TV4.